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Auckland portrait photographers specialising in beauty images, family portraits, graduation photography, newborns, and corporate portfolios.  We create lasting memories you'll be proud to display.  Personal and Fun.  Two Auckland studios in Newmarket and Howick.

Maternity Newborns & Babies

A key milestone in anyone’s life would have to be the birth of a child.  Celebrating the pregnancy, the first few days, and all the little milestones in the first year is such a joy.  At Timeless we are honoured to be part of this journey with you.


Maternity Photoshoot:

Maternity portraits look their best after the 38th week of pregnancy.  A range of backdrops are available, with dark backdrops giving an artistic feel to photos, while a lighter backdrop can give a more relaxed, modern feeling. We will use creative lighting and shadowing to help focus on your bump and make sure you look your best.

Newborn Photoshoot:

The first few weeks of your baby’s life are an incredibly precious time - capture those special moments with an intimate portrait. Tiny hands and feet and beautiful, sleepy expressions can be shot against a number of backdrops to produced timeless images your family will always treasure. Ideally, your new arrival will be less than 3 weeks old.

Baby Photoshoot (3-12 months old):

3-6 months: Smiles and funny faces - they’re starting to show expression. In most photographs your baby will need to be propped up. We can get very cute photos of them wrapped in rugs and capture those adorable chubby cheeks.

6-7 months: Your baby is starting to sit about this age and there are more options and expressions for us - lots of laughs and smiles. Outdoor sessions are now possible.

8 to 10 months: Babies are often crawling and full of energy and we have loads of photo opportunities with toys and various props to entertain them.  Their personality and character is now shining through. A crisp white backdrop is often ideal for a clean, modern look.

11 to 16 months: Babies are standing at last, or at least able to hold themselves up and maybe walk - a huge milestone! This is a great time to include extended family and take advantage of the outdoors.

How to Book a family portrait session:

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