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Auckland portrait photographers specialising in beauty images, family portraits, graduation photography, newborns, and corporate portfolios.  We create lasting memories you'll be proud to display.  Personal and Fun.  Two Auckland studios in Newmarket and Howick.

What to wear for Portraits

family portraits:

Choosing simple-coloured clothing is key in a group or family portrait - too many colours and patterns will cause clutter and will distract the focus away from faces. No one person should dominate the portrait - it's important for groups to coordinate their clothing colour and style. Everyone in the photo should be dressed in the same style - whether formal or informal.  

Tops: Long sleeves are ideal to keep the focus on faces. If you're not sure, bring a selection of white/light-coloured tops and a selection of black/dark-coloured tops. Dark tops are generally best, as dark is slimming. Avoid one person dressing in a strong colour unless you want this person to be the focus of the shoot.

However in saying all this, please feel free to bring your favourite clothes in any style/colour/pattern, especially if children are involved. We all have different personalities and there’s plenty of time to explore several styles!

If you would like to wear traditional cultural clothing - you are more than welcome to!

kids sessions:

It's great to see personalities so if we're photographing your young children or teens, please bring their favourite outfits.

With young children please bring a few toys and any sporting props they might have. We may not photograph the toys but we like to make the sessions fun and playing is part of this.

Teenagers - Any special interests? Musical? Sporting? Different outfits? Bring along outfits and accessories which relate to their personality and interests.

beauty makeovers:

Bring what you like! We suggest a mixture of dark/black-coloured tops or outfits, white/light-coloured tops or outfits, your favourite jeans, your favourite dress, and something colourful. Accessories can be fun too - hats, scarves or your favourite necklace.  And if you like - something sexy.


Think about the message you are aiming to deliver and dress to match. For example, professional services should be formally dressed with a suit and tie or a nice top - See below for more suggestions.