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Celebrate Your Timeless Mother This Mother's Day

Lisa Harrington

The annual celebration of Kiwi Mums is the perfect time to honour the feminine tradition in your family with stunning timeless images of Mothers and daughters. And what better way to honour that maternal tradition than in a Mother's Day photo shoot.

There’s always something very special about watching a family’s interaction when they come in for a family photo shoot. You can often see a personality or visual trait passed down from generation to generation. It might be a brow, the shape of the nose or even a quirky sense of humour.

Of course as the photographer I find this really interesting but it can also be a special moment of recognition for the family members themselves. It’s as if they can magically see what outside onlookers can see and for some it's a feeling of 'wow there's my mother as my self.' We can see ourselves in her, and sometimes even in our own daughters and grand-daughters.

Ultimately it is very powerful honouring the often unseen and unappreciated ‘mother’s work’ that goes into building a strong, close family unit. Mother's work is so undervalued and often it's not until you become a Mum yourself that you truly appreciate your own Mum. 

Timeless Mothers

To help celebrate Mothers’ Day 2013 we are offering a special Timeless Mothers’ photo shoot.  The style and location of the photo shoot can be tailored to suit the family – whether a special local beach, country or studio setting, but one thing we can ensure...everyone will have fun!

We take special care to make sure everyone is relaxed and a whole serious of shots are taken. Later we review the shoot and discreetly apply state of the art finishing and Photoshop touch-ups to ensure that everyone is presented from their ‘very best side’.

Family portrait shoots are always fun, which is only surpassed by the excited atmosphere of the photo shoot reveal when all the shots are presented to the family on a large 6 foot screen.

We strive to show a family’s spirit and their unique story in visual images in a timeless way. Families can then go back and rediscover their maternal history down through the generations. It's really quite special knowing that the little three year old in the photo will one day be able to show her Mother and Grandmother to her children.

It’s really the perfect timeless gift for Mothers’ Day!

Book a Timeless Mother Photo Shoot for Mothers' Day

Book a one hour professional photo shoot on location or in the state-of-the-art Howick studio and receive a beautifully presented 5x7 inch print for only $79. Ask for the Timeless Mothers’ photo shoot when booking.