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What is the Best Age to Photograph Babies?

Lisa Harrington

The Answer:  ALL AGES!

There are various stages during the first 18 months of a baby's life that are GREAT moments.  We've outlined them below as our favourites.  This does not mean you need to have professional photographs done at every moment, but they are key moments to key an eye out for.
Have your own camera ready, or come and visit us, but whatever you do CAPTURE them!

Key must have milestones:
As a newborn (first 10 days old), at 4 months (chubby, cheeky smiles), followed by 6 or 7 months (sitting), 9 months (crawling), then 12 to 13 months (standing).  If you have to choose – make sure to get the newborn, 7 months before they’re crawling, and again as a one year old.

Below is a guide of what to expect in baby photographs and the different stages of the first year and half of their life.

Newborns: Small and new, newborns are so delicate and fragile. For newborns, the ideal time is in the first 10 days, although up to three weeks is still OK. At this time they’re still sleepy and very small. This is an incredibly precious time and should not be missed. There’s a lot we can do at this age - detail images, the baby in the arms of the family, and proud parents. A black backdrop provides lovely creative newborn photographs.

3-6 months: Smiles and funny faces - they’re starting to show expression. In most photographs, the baby will need to be propped up. We can get very cute photos of them wrapped in rugs and capture those adorable chubby cheeks.

6-7 months: Your baby is starting to sit at about this age and there are more options and expressions for us - lots of laughs and smiles. Outdoor sessions are now possible.

8 to 10 months: Babies are often crawling and full of energy, and we have loads of photo opportunities with toys and various props to entertain them.  Their personalities and characters are now shining through. A crisp white backdrop is often ideal for a clean, modern look.

11 to 16 months: Babies are standing at last, or at least able to hold themselves up and maybe walk - a huge milestone! This is a great time to include extended family and take advantage of the outdoors.