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Auckland portrait photographers specialising in beauty images, family portraits, graduation photography, newborns, and corporate portfolios.  We create lasting memories you'll be proud to display.  Personal and Fun.  Two Auckland studios in Newmarket and Howick.

Family Portraits Gallery

Family Portrait Photographer - Studio & Location

Time moves so fast, it’s very easy to forget treasured moments. Have you tried to capture these? We believe it's important to capture today as life changes quickly. 

We take the time to understand the dynamics in your family in order to bring out your personalities and individual characters.  Our aim is to give you something you will cherish forever.  A timeless piece.


What sort of portrait can we do?

We can capture your family in the studio or in the great outdoors.  You may already have a feel for what you prefer but here are some things to consider:

Studio Portraits:

- clean & crisp images

- add interesting lighting and shadows to provide a creative feel

- we can take the photos rain hail or shine

- choose between the classical backdrop which is either grey or brown textures, or a contemporary backdrop which is either black, white, or grey backdrop.

Location Portraits:

- relaxed feel

- natural colours, often very vibrant

- great for canvas's



Consultation:  Either by phone or in person.  We will discuss how you would like to be photographed and clothing options.

Session:  1 hour of photography on location or in our studio.  During this time we will take as many different images as possible.  Please feel free to bring your extended family.  We can take an all inclusive family portrait then split into subgroups such as grandparents, families, grandkids, kids, couples.

Viewing Session:  You are invited back to view a selection of images on our 6 foot projector.  We present between 20-40 images of the best images, all retouched and perfected so you look your personal best.  You can purchase as few or as many as you would like.  We will run through framing options, canvas, box sets, and albums.  Prices start from $125, packages start from $595.  The ability to purchase after the session, as opposed to paying up front, is comforting for our clients.


What to wear:

If you would like to wear your cultural attire - ignore these suggestions!

Simplicity is key in a group or family. Too many different colours and patterns will cause clutter, and you won't be able to "see" faces. No one person should dominate the portrait. It's important for groups to harmonise colour and style, all formal or informal.  

Tops: Ideally long sleeves are best to keep the focus on the face. If you're not sure bring a selection of white/light coloured tops, and a selection of black/dark coloured tops.  Dark tops are generally best as dark is slimming.  Avoid one person in a strong colour unless this person is the focus of the shoot.

However in saying all this, please feel free to bring your favourite top or outfits, any style/colour/pattern, particularly if children are involved.  We all have personalities and there’s plenty of time!

Make-up should be worn as usual. An extra coat of mascara will enhance your eyes, and a little colour on the cheeks will provide a lovely glow. Be sure to bring along your make-up and comb for last-minute freshening. Men should shave within a couple of hours of the portrait session to avoid the five-o'clock shadow.



 Our aim is to give you something you will love and cherish forever, and images which last and don't fade.  We want to make you and your family look their personal best.

Sitting Fee:  $185  (once your product order is greater than $500 we let you credit the sitting fee into the order, so effectively it's absorbed into your order)

Prints range from $125 for a mounted 5x7 inch print to $1,500 for full wall sized canvas. 


Below are areas we pride our business on:

- Each session is personalised.  We photograph you and your family to suit you.  This may be composed or candit, studio or location. 

- Fun experience.

- We use only the best camera equipment available (Canon Mark III D5s, with a selection of full glass lenses) to ensure your images are so sharp it's like you're right there.

- We offer everyone, from infants to seniors, state-of-the-art Photoshop touch-up's so you look your personal best.  You will NOT look 'photoshopped', just great.

- Our highly respected photographic studio in the heart of Howick and in Newmarket offers a professional environment for professional photographs. 

- We print in house with an Epson Pro 9880 44 inch printer.  This is the best photographic printer in New Zealand.  This means your images will stay rich in colour and not fade.  Considered archival quality.  We will not send your beautiful images to a Lab for mass production.

- We place a high level of importance on continuous training, conference attendance, and membership with The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. This means we're up to date with the latest photographic techniques.


With a Timeless Images portrait, you can catch those fleeting moments of joy and beauty, and turn them into a work of fine art that will last a lifetime.  We look forward to meeting you, and photographing your family portraits.