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Auckland portrait photographers specialising in beauty images, family portraits, graduation photography, newborns, and corporate portfolios.  We create lasting memories you'll be proud to display.  Personal and Fun.  Two Auckland studios in Newmarket and Howick.


About Us


Timeless Images is a professional photography studio specialising in quality portraiture photography located in Howick and Newmarket

Our services include portraiture, beauty make-over sessions, graduations, events, and weddings.

Portraiture - Timeless Images provides both contemporary and classical photography to suit our client’s needs. We offer a wide range of portraiture options including Family Portraits in our Studio or on Location, Graduation Photography, Maternity Portraits, and Newborn Portraits.

Events - Corporate events and product launches, special occasions and partys, concerts, and school functions. For us it's about having loads of fun and making the event memorable.

What to wear

Family Portraits -

If you would like to wear traditional cultural clothing - you are more than welcome to!

Choosing simple-coloured clothing is key in a group or family portrait - too many colours and patterns will cause clutter and will distract the focus away from faces. No one person should dominate the portrait - it's important for groups to coordinate their clothing colour and style. Everyone in the photo should be dressed in the same style - whether formal or informal.  

Tops: Long sleeves are ideal to keep the focus on faces. If you're not sure, bring a selection of white/light-coloured tops and a selection of black/dark-coloured tops. Dark tops are generally best, as dark is slimming. Avoid one person dressing in a strong colour unless you want this person to be the focus of the shoot.

However in saying all this, please feel free to bring your favourite clothes in any style/colour/pattern, especially if children are involved. We all have different personalities and there’s plenty of time to explore several styles!



Kids sessions -

It's great to see personalities so if we're photographing your young children or teens, please bring their favourite outfits.

With young children please bring a few toys and any sporting props they might have. We may not photograph the toys but we like to make the sessions fun and playing is part of this.

Teenagers - Any special interests? Musical? Sporting? Different outfits? Bring along outfits and accessories which relate to their personality and interests.

Beauty Makeovers - Bring what you like! We suggest a mixture of dark/black-coloured tops or outfits, white/light-coloured tops or outfits, your favourite jeans, your favourite dress, and something colourful. Accessories can be fun too - hats, scarves or your favourite necklace.  And if you like - something sexy.

Corporate - Think about the message you are aiming to deliver and dress to match. For example, professional services should be formally dressed with a suit and tie or a nice top - See below for more suggestions.



How to book

Phone - 09 950 4675

Email  -

When is the best time to photograph babies?

We suggest: As a newborn (first 10  days old), at 4 months (chubby cheeky smiles), followed by 6 or 7 months (sitting), 9 months (crawling), then 12 to 13 months (standing).  If you have to choose – make sure to get the newborn, 7 months before they’re crawling, and again as a one year old.

There are so many milestones in a baby’s development - it’s hard to pick the best time to photograph them. Below is a guide of what to expect in baby photographs and the different stages of the first year and half of their life.

Newborns: Small and new, newborns are so delicate and fragile. For newborns, the ideal time is in the first 10 days, although up to three weeks is still OK. At this time they’re still sleepy and very small. This is an incredibly precious time and should not be missed. There’s a lot we can do at this age - detail images, the baby in the arms of the family, and proud parents. A black backdrop provides lovely creative newborn photographs.


3-6 months: Smiles and funny faces - they’re starting to show expression. In most photographs, the baby will need to be propped up. We can get very cute photos of them wrapped in rugs and capture those adorable chubby cheeks.

6-7 months: Your baby is starting to sit at about this age and there are more options and expressions for us - lots of laughs and smiles. Outdoor sessions are now possible.

8 to 10 months: Babies are often crawling and full of energy, and we have loads of photo opportunities with toys and various props to entertain them.  Their personalities and characters are now shining through. A crisp white backdrop is often ideal for a clean, modern look.

11 to 16 months: Babies are standing at last, or at least able to hold themselves up and maybe walk - a huge milestone! This is a great time to include extended family and take advantage of the outdoors.


Corporate Clothing for Photography


Dress to impress - You will need to wear professional business clothes.

- Professions such as lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and real estate agents suit darker-coloured and classic business suits.

- Professions in more creative fields or with modern, upbeat company images may want to use a little more colour to reflect their brand.

- Mid-tone, solid colours such as greens, blues and browns (earthy ones) can be effective - avoid skin tones such as pale tan, beige, white or pale peach, pink or grey.

- Very bright colours (reds, oranges and yellows) can be distracting, however they may have their place with bright company images e.g. marketing, advertising, public relations, architecture etc.

Clothing should reflect your personality and company image. Strong contrasts can create powerful and formal impressions. Less contrast can be friendly and inviting and clothing layers can build visual interest.



General:  It's best to avoid bright, wild or heavy patterns, and short sleeves. Avoid clothes that wrinkle easily.

Men:  A suit jacket, shirt, and tie. For a casual image, a tidy dress shirt.

Women: Long-sleeved blouse or tailored jacket with a fitted skirt, subtle neckline. Jewellery can lift an image but avoid anything too flashy.


Avoid shiny or shimmering make-up as it catches the light. Make-up style should be similar to an evening out. Extra foundation will help even out your skin tones. Avoid fake tans.

Men need to be clean shaven - no five o'clock shadow please.





How much does it cost?

Our prices are very reasonable but we are not the cheapest photographer in Auckland. Why? Our aim is to give you something you will love and cherish forever - images which last and don't fade. We want to make you and your family look their personal best. We ensure every image is retouched, perfected, and printed on very high quality paper.

Sitting Fee: $185 - Once your product order is greater than $500 we let you credit the sitting fee into the order, so effectively it's absorbed into your order.

Prints range from $145 for a 5x7-inch mounted matte print to $1500 for a full wall-sized canvas. Most customers enjoy their images so much the average spend is between $1500 and $2500. There's no pressure - you can buy one image or many, and there are packages to suit everyone’s budget. Finance is also available.

What you're paying for with Professional Portrait Photography:

In the days of digital cameras some people may question the value of professional portrait photography and struggle to understand pricing when it costs nothing to press a button on an iPhone.  But we would like to highlight what you're really paying for:

Your Session:  This is a professional service and takes time. Every portrait session, even 20-minute sessions, take time and expertise. The average amount of time spent on one portrait photography session (before we start printing) is six hours. This includes a consultation, the photographic session, sorting and selecting images, retouching, and presenting the images back to you.

Advanced retouching: We complete a basic retouch before making any purchasing decisions. When you select your images for purchase, this is when the real work begins. It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to more than an hour to get a image ready for printing. Why? Every image must be perfect. This includes things you may not notice, like skin retouching, plus things you never new existed, like removing fluff from clothing and cleaning up the background.

Equipment: We use only the best camera equipment available (Canon 5D Mark IIIs, with a selection of fully-professional lenses) to ensure your images are so sharp it's like you're right there.

Professional Studio: Our highly-respected photographic studio offers a perfect environment for our customers and photographers to achieve fantastic results.

Print Quality: Images are printed in-house with an Epson Pro 9880 44-inch printer. This is the best photographic printer you can buy in New Zealand. This means your images will stay rich in colour and will not fade. The prints are considered archival quality. Your images will not be sent to a Lab for mass production on printers with half a colour palette and people who don't really care about them.

Our Knowledge: We put a high level of importance on continuous training, conference attendance, and membership with The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. This means we're up to date with the latest photographic standards and techniques.

Staff: We hire talented photographic professionals and invest in their continuous development.

Photokids Portrait Contest Results

The NZ Photokids Portrait Contest was a fundraising initiative run by professional portrait photographers to help support the Cure Kids charity.  The competition ran successfully for 17 years raising more than $320,000 for Cure Kids.  

2013 Winner:

Timeless Images entered the competition and won the national title. We’re very proud of this win and Natalie Smith for winning this very prestigious contest. Natalie and her family received a $5000 travel grant.


Cure Kids:  Those who entered the contest supported Cure Kids. Donations went towards funding research into diseases such as childhood Leukaemia, Long QT Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, cot death and severe asthma and helped to improve the quality of life for thousands of children.

Twenty years ago, children diagnosed with Leukemia had just a 30 per cent chance of survival. Today, thanks to support from fundraisers such as Photo Kids and Red Nose Day, as well as leading New Zealand businesses and The All Blacks, chances of survival are as high as 95 per cent.