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37 George St
Auckland, Auckland, 1023
New Zealand

09 950 4675

Auckland portrait photographers specialising in beauty images, family portraits, graduation photography, newborns, and corporate portfolios.  We create lasting memories you'll be proud to display.  Personal and Fun.  Two Auckland studios in Newmarket and Howick.

UoA Roster & Info Sept 2017

Graduation - Tuesday 26th September 2017

Aotea Centre

If you dont know where the Aotea Centre is please google, and allow lots of time for parking/trafiic.


Ceremony 1:  10.30am Science

Ceremony 2:  1.30am Creative Arts & Industries, Engineering, Medical & Health Sciences

Ceremony 3: 4.30pm Education and Social Work , Arts, Law

Ceremony 4: 7.30pm Business & Economics , Law

Dress code:

Black dress pants and shoes.  Bring a black dress shirt in case we don't have enough Timeless shirts.  Also bring a shirt to change into so we get the Timeless shirt back.

Training session -  sun 24th

10.30 am   37 George Street, Newmarket - CANCELLED

Roster & Jobs:


Location: corner of Waterloo and Princess Street.  Big White marquee on Uni grounds

Marquee Studio 1:    7.30am - 5 pm         Frances (need to pack out at 5pm and take camera back to studio)  

Marquee helper 7.15am onwards:            Samantha

Procession is:  8.45-9.30am      

Aotea Centre:  

Richard    (Senior photographer - Dresser/director)  12.30 - 7.30                                                         

TBC - a second dresser

Aotea Studio 1:   9am - 3pm                    Eve    

Aotea Studio 1:   3pm -10.30 pm             Adele  - help pack up please :-)

Aotea Studio 2:     9am - 3 pm                Tanille   

Aotea Studio 2:     3 pm - 10.30 pm        Dean - help pack up please:-)

Aotea Studio 3:     9 am - 7.30pm:           Kay   -  downstairs with Lisa :-)            


Ceremonys:    10.30 am |  1.30 pm |  4.30 pm | 7.30 pm                   Christina  and Lissa



Marquee Assistant 7.15am onwards:          samantha (as above)

Aotea Assistant 9 am onwards                        Anthony

Aotea Assistant 12 noon -7.30pm                    Del-marie, carin Newbould 12- 7.30pm     

Floating handing out flyers 9-7.30:                  Tyrena , Nicola(9-4.30),


Other Jobs:

Sunday 9am Marquee Pack in: Lisa/Justin

Set- up Monday 10.30 am onwards:  Anthony   (meet at 37 George Street), and one other TBC

Packdown Marquee :              Everyone on the late shift (Justin arriving at 5pmto pick up everything)


Tue                                    Day1pm         Chloe                     

Wed                                  Day 8 am:    Chloe                 Evening 3 - 9pm:  Amanda

Thurs:                                Day 8 am:      Chloe                Evening 3 -9pm:  Amanda

Fri:                                     Day 8 am:     Chloe                Evening 3 - 9pm   Amanda


Print production week

Mon:  1st - 6th Oct:   Chloe              

Mon:  9-12th Oct:     Chloe (tbc)

Mon: 16 - 20th Oct      Chloe (tbc)                          

Packers:                                                          Del-marie (check days free)

Backup processors:                                           TBC

Dress: hat level with ground, fringe hidden, V 10cm down from neck, hood off right shoulder with colour showing.  Hold scroll half way along.

Dress: hat level with ground, fringe hidden, V 10cm down from neck, hood off right shoulder with colour showing.  Hold scroll half way along.