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37 George St
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New Zealand

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Auckland portrait photographers specialising in beauty images, family portraits, graduation photography, newborns, and corporate portfolios.  We create lasting memories you'll be proud to display.  Personal and Fun.  Two Auckland studios in Newmarket and Howick.

Why Use a Professional Photographer

Why use a Professional Photographer?

In these days of digital cameras, some people may question the value of professional portrait photography and struggle to understand pricing when it costs nothing to press a button on an iPhone!  So we would like to highlight what you're really paying for:

Your Session:  This is a professional service and takes time. Every portrait session, even "quick" 20-minute sessions, take time and expertise. The average amount of time spent on one portrait photography session (before we start printing) is six hours. This includes: set up, an initial consultation, the photographic session, processing, sorting and selecting images, and presenting the images back to you.

Advanced retouching: Once you select your images for purchase, the real work begins! It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to more than an hour to prepare each image for printing. Why? Every image must be absolutely perfect. This includes refining details which you may not notice, like skin retouching, correcting tones and colouring, minimising lines, removing fluff and folds from clothing and cleaning up the background.

Equipment: We use only the best camera equipment available (Canon 5D Mark IIIs, with a selection of fully-professional lenses) to ensure your images are incredibly sharp.

Professional Studio: Our purpose-fitted, highly-respected photographic studio in Newmarket offers a perfect environment for our customers and photographers to achieve fantastic results.

Print Quality: We work with New Zealand's best photographic printing labs to provide archival quality finishes, which will look their best and last for years to come.

Our Knowledge: We put a high level of importance on continuous training, conference attendance, and membership of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. This means we're up to date with the latest photographic standards and techniques.

Expertise: We hire talented photographic professionals and invest in their continuous development.  This includes attending international training seminars and flying the best international photography mentors to our studio for personalised training. We want to ensure that our staff are aware of trends, new approaches and techniques which will benefit our customers and enhance their photographic experience.